Stylized Rose Cookie Set…

Packaged cookies!

Packaged cookies!

I made this set for my 86 year old mother-in-law who resides in a residential care facility in New Brunswick, Canada. As she ages, her social circle and focus grows smaller and I like to brighten her day and give her something to show off. She lives about an eight hour drive away (not including stops), so my husband and children only get to visit her a few times per year. My husband will be making a visit this week, so I made a set of her favourite flower, the red rose.

I do not own a rose cutter, so searched the internet for inspiration. I decided upon an upside down apple cutter, a Christmas light bulb cutter, and an upside down bell cutter. I trimmed the light bulb dough before baking, using the apple cutter and a small knife. An aspen leaf cutter worked for rose leaves, giving smaller cookies for those who wished to sample. I also made some RI transfers, mimicking the shape of the cookies. There are about two dozen cookies in the whole set so that my husband and kids wouldn’t demolish the whole set themselves!

I used roughly 1 tsp of Wilton No-Taste Red, 1/4 tsp Wilton Christmas Red, and added what I considered to be a small amount of Wilton black (1/2 to 2/3 of a dipped toothpick) to approximately 1 cup of previously untinted icing, to try to deepen the colour and make it more “sophisticated”. However, it immediately turned the icing an oxblood brown, which really surprised and horrified me. I decided to continue because these were not being produced for any particular occasion, and I wanted to see if the colour “would develop” as I had read about previously. (Apparently, it can take up to 2-3 days for red-tinted icing to fully achieve it’s final colour.) Fortunately, the appearance did improve, but next time I will add less black.

Plaque from large 6-petal flower cutter.

Plaque from large 6-petal flower cutter.

I had some box samples from the BRP Box Shop and chose style #3343. I boxed in two layers, using white crinkle cut paper. I could probably have fit in a couple more cookies. Hopefully the package will make the trip safely!

Rose set

BRP Box # 3343, 16″ x 11 1/2″ x 2 1/2″, Timesaver, White with window


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I am a Royal-Icing-decorated-cookie hobbyest/addict, who works part-time in Healthcare, and full-time tending to my husband, three school-aged children and one lovely Barbet (French Water Dog). I live in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.
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