Eureka! A faster way to flood…

I am in the midst of making a few cookie sets. (Posts about the sets will come at a later date.) I was frustrated by how long it was taking to flood the bases with royal icing. I use a Wilton 8 oz. squeeze bottle for adding the flood icing. I have been trying to push the consistency of the flood icing thicker, in an attempt to speed drying time and decrease colour bleed, but by having the icing at a thicker consistency, it slowed down the flow from the bottle. I have tried a pastry bag with a large tip on one occasion, but it was a problem because I had no way to keep the bag inverted when I needed to put it down, and no easy way to stop the flow of icing when I wasn’t flooding. The Wilton squeeze bottles come with a red cap. When I need both hands free, I just cap the bottle and put it, inverted, into a clean sturdy coffee mug. Suddenly I had the brilliant idea to trim the tip to make a larger diameter opening. There is a line on the tip, near where the bottom of the cap sits, and I cut just ever so slightly above this line, using a box cutter. The original stock tip opening is just barely 2 mm in diameter. The cut tip is approximately 3 1/2 mm in diameter. The red cap will still fit on the tip and stop the icing flow when inverted. This modification made a substantial reduction in the length of time it took to flood a cookie, and I didn’t buy any new gadgets! Yippee!!

(Top) Trimmed nozzle, (Bottom) Stock nozzle

(Top) Trimmed nozzle, (Bottom) Stock nozzle

(Top) Stock Wilton squeeze bottle cap , (Bottom) Trimmed cap

(Top) Stock Wilton squeeze bottle cap , (Bottom) Trimmed cap

About CheerfulMomma

I am a Royal-Icing-decorated-cookie hobbyest/addict, who works part-time in Healthcare, and full-time tending to my husband, three school-aged children and one lovely Barbet (French Water Dog). I live in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.
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