New Year’s Eve Cookies

There is something magical about New Year’s Eve, and the start of a new calendar year. Perhaps it is just because it is another opportunity to get together with family and friends. Regardless, I chose to mark the celebration with a set of New Year’s Eve Cookies

Close up New Year's Eve Cookies by CheerfulMomma's Custom Art Cookies

I used a date cookie cutter from Whisked Away Cutters and surprisingly remembered to make sure to bake the year cookie with the top surface of the cookie facing down on the cookie sheet, as I decorate the bottom of baked cookies. (Oh my, the year is starting out well already! 😉 ) After baking, the underside of cookies are more flat than the tops and therefore, by decorating the underside, there tends to be less unintentional run off of flood icing if I mistakenly mix it too loose. (Getting just the right consistency of flood icing is somewhat of an art, and if I am in a rush, I may not spend enough time fiddling with the consistency as I would like.)

2016 Year Cookie by CheerfulMomma's Custom Art Cookies

Stiff plastic templates were created for hand cutting the champagne glasses and bottle. I chose a trumpet style champagne glass in an attempt to decrease the likelihood of cookie breakage. (A flute champagne glass has a thin stem and could break more easily during handling, packaging and transport.)

Trumpet Flute Template by CheerfulMomma's Custom Art CookiesChampagne Bottle Template by Cheerful Momma;s Custom Art Cookies


Trumpet Champagne Flute Glass by CheerfulMomma's Custom Art CookiesChampagne Bottle Cookie by CheerfulMomma's Custom Art Ccookies

I used Sweet Sugarbelle’s idea to create a streamer cookie:

Streamer and Confetti Cookie by CheerfulMomma's Custom Art Cookies

To colour the champagne bottle green, I used Sweet Sugarbelle’s icing colour mixing chart and used the hunter green mix. It did make a lovely colour although I only managed to add a rough estimation of the ratios of gel colouring; my leaf green gel was getting a little dried out and I likely ended up using more than I had planned. The day following the flooding there was a little bleed of the green into the white of the label, even though the label was piped and flooded 24 hours before doing the green. Oh well, the bleeding could have been worse…

Unpackaged Set New Year's Eve Cookies by CheerfulMomma's Custom Art Cookies

These individually packaged cookies were placed on white basket shred paper on an 18″ round silver plastic tray from the Dollarama store. They were then shrink wrapped to keep the cookies from shifting during transport. I had temporarily run out of the usual clear top boxes that I have been using for cookie sets. However, I had pushed the limits on cookie size with this set, and after expansion from baking (despite completely eliminating baking powder from the recipe), the designed set was not going to fit in the boxes any way, even if I had some on hand. Shrink wrapping the trays (8 in total) was much more time consuming than my usual method of packaging, and in future I will likely reserve that method for individual large sets only, although it was more cost-effective just based on the price of supplies.

Packaged Set New Year's Eve Cookies by CheerfulMomma's Custom Art Cookies

My cookie resolution for 2016 is to try and use less colour gel when mixing colours! 😀

Happy New Year!! And…

Happy Cookie-ing!!

Cheerful Momma

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About CheerfulMomma

I am a Royal-Icing-decorated-cookie hobbyest/addict, who works part-time in Healthcare, and full-time tending to my husband, three school-aged children and one lovely Barbet (French Water Dog). I live in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.
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