Valentine’s Day Cookie Set

I designed a set of Valentine’s Day Cookies for my daughter to sell for charity fundraising. It needed to be basic, to speed up production, and somewhat gender-neutral in theme, to appeal to a broad market. There are so many Valentine’s Day puns, it was fun to research and plan. I did choose to go with classic pink and white, but added some black to the set to make it a bit more “masculine”.

Valentine's Day Maze Cookie by Yarmouth Charity Cookies

Unfortunately, I did not take most of the pre-production reservations in person, but left, what I thought at the time was, a clearly written reservation sign up sheet at my daughter’s elementary school. Unfortunately (?), I was wrong. Sigh. Lesson learned. The sheet did state “you can have a specific name added”, but apparently I did not emphasize the word “a” strongly enough.

The original set design was intended to allow for one cookie per set to be personalized, if the order was pre-paid. The following picture shows a non-personalized set:

Unpackaged Valentine's Day Cookie Set by Yarmouth Charity Cookies

However, several people put down as many as 3 different names on the reservation sheet, while ordering a single set. After a bit of fretting over the situation, instead of contacting the “customers” and explaining the confusion, I decided to add the extra personalized cookies to the sets, but changed the layout and box orientation for those sets. Here is an example, showing the altered set and orientation change:

Packaged Valentine's Day Cookie Set (alternate layout view 2) by Yarmouth Charity CookiesPackaged Valentine's Day Cookie Set (alternate layout) by Yarmouth Charity Cookies

I ended up creating a bit more work for myself, for no extra financial gain for charity. Oh well…fortunately, I had recently gifted myself a Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine, and was learning how to use the design software, so I decided to make name stencils ahead of time. This way I wouldn’t need to hand pipe the names, thus saving time.

Packaged Valentine's Day Cookie Set (original layout plan) by Yarmouth Charity Cookies

It all worked out in the end, but the lesson learned with this set production is to make  very clear on pre-order sheets any specific expectations/restrictions.

Valentine's Day Plaque Cookie by Yarmouth Charity Cookies

Happy Cookie-ing!!

Cheerful Momma

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About CheerfulMomma

I am a Royal-Icing-decorated-cookie hobbyest/addict, who works part-time in Healthcare, and full-time tending to my husband, three school-aged children and one lovely Barbet (French Water Dog). I live in rural Nova Scotia, Canada.
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