Thanksgiving Cookies

The Canadian Thanksgiving holiday is always the second Monday in October. Fall comes early in this part of the northern hemisphere. The days (and nights) are now much cooler now. It was only 9 ºC when I went running this morning, but the sun was out and the fall foliage was beautiful. This set of Thanksgiving Cookies pays homage to the fall leaves.

Thanksgiving Cookies Set Yarmouth Charity Cookies

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Have a Great Day Cookies

My daughter is interested in raising money for local charities. Some people may be (silently) reluctant at times to give money when they are not receiving a tangible object in return. Perhaps that is my own conclusion, but I thought that if my daughter helped participate in cookie production, gradually learning the craft and selling the cookies, she could develop some skill and earn money to donate to her favourite charities. I personally have no desire to develop a cookie business, per say, but if the money went to charity, our skills could help someone else out.

Have a Great Day Packaged Single Cookie by Yarmouth Charity Cookies

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Cartoon Basketball Cookies

My daughter attended a week-long basketball skills summer day camp and this gave me a chance to make Cartoon Basketball Cookies! The camp was for 9-12 year old girls, so, given the younger age group, I had a chance to have a little fun trying a new approach to basketball cookies. (I suspect teenage boys would consider these to be too “babyish” for them, especially if any of their friends were around.) These cookies were shared by the participants and coaches on the final day of the camp.

Cartoon Basketballs by Cheerful Momma's Custom Art Cookies

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Soccer Cookies

I wanted to change up the design of the Soccer Cookies for this year’s thank you gift cookie set for my daughter’s soccer coach. I knew I would be pressed for time and wanted a simple, but eye-catching custom design. Limiting the number of icing colours and the number of decorating steps would speed things up. (I did use a different variety of cut out dough this time, however, opting to try chocolate chip. I may post about it in the future.)

 Soccer Cookie Platter Unpackaged Top Layer

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Optex Portable Photo and Lighting Studio Review

I purchased an Optex Portable Photo Studio & Lighting Kit at a Henry’s Camera outlet in Nova Scotia, Canada, for $129.00 CND + tax (February 2015), for the purpose of improving my cookie photography and I will give you my impression or review.Optex Portable Photo Studio and Lighting Kit We had a “real” winter in Nova Scotia this year, with one snow storm after another, and continuously cloudy days. As well, much of my cookie activity tends to occur in the evening, and my lovely house does not have the greatest of lighting.  Given all the time I spend on these cookies, I want my picture “memories” to look their best.  Continue reading

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Teacher Cookies

My daughter spied a set of Teacher Cookies from Coastal Cookie Shoppe (formerly East Coast Cookies) and wanted to replicate it for her teacher. (I am a big fan of this cookier! Her sets have lots of imagination, and fit perfectly in the clear top boxes I have sourced.)

Boxed Teacher Cookie Gift Set 1

Since my daughter is in French Immersion, we piped the wording in French. For those of you who cannot read French, the yellow plaques translate to: “Some teachers deserve an apple…but you deserve the whole tree!” Continue reading

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Doctor Cookies

This set of Doctor Cookies was created to extend overwhelming appreciation and gratitude to an Electrophysiologist. An Electrophysiologist (EPS Dr.) is a type of medical doctor who is a heart specialist (Cardiologist) who deals with electrical problems of the heart (and who eats Doctor cookies 🙂 ).

Doctor Cookies 3 by Cheerful Momma's Custom Art CookiesThe teenaged patient whose situation inspired this cookie set was born with a heart condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome (WPW) which means Continue reading

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